100-100 Softball Hitting Course

100-100 Softball Hitting Course
This course is designed to walk you through the process of developing your softball hitting approach, beginning with your swing.  There are detailed instructional videos that will walk you through the steps of testing your swing, analyzing video, creating a custom workout, training drills and lessons for learning the swing as well as timing, pitch recognition and timing, leading into mindsets for game planning.  This is the most comprehensive approach in the sport.  There are details of a swing makeover of the back to back player of the year, Rachel Garcia.  The top level programs in softball follow these protocols in working with their hitters every day.    

  1. Ev Lab Set Up – Smart Coach Ev Lab
  2. Intro Swing Efficiency – Exit Velocity – Launch Angle
  3. Testing – Getting a Baseline
  4. Swing Analysis – What the Numbers Actually Mean
  5. Custom Training Program – Movement Training
  6. Antibiotic Theory of Timing – 3 Bat Weights
  7. 7 Station Process – Setting Up Daily Training Areas
  8. Re-Testing – Progress
  9. Graduating Swing School
  10. Level 2 – Testing Reactionary Quickness
  11. Right Now – Blending Body/Pitch Timing
  12. Training Timing – 70-80-90 – Flushing Drills – Circle Drills
  13. 1-2-3-4 New Language – Intro to Effective Velocity Mindsets

“Thank you Perry for such a great resource.  Effective Velocity is a concept that we practice every day on the field.  As hitters, Ev gives meaning to our approach and allows our hitters to be confident at the plate.  Every hitter goes up with a plan and comes back to the dugout with the right adjustments needed to succeed in the game.  We appreciate all your work with us!  HAPPY HUNTING!”

JT Gasso – Oklahoma Softball Hitting Coach

2016-2017- 2021 – 2022 National Champs

Course Curriculum

Start Next Lesson Ev Hitting Lab Set Up Notes
Bonus Ev Softball Hitting Lab Set Up
SB 1 Introduction - Swing Efficiency
SB 2 -Swing Testing
SB 3 - Video Analysis
SB 4 - Custom Workout Plan
SB 5 - 7 Station Program
SB 6 - 3 Bat Weights
SB 7 - Elastic Energy - Stretch
SB 8 - Graduating Swing School
SB 9 - Reactionary Testing
Bonus Swing Notes