Baseball Hitting 100-100 Club Membership

$39.00 / month for 12 months


100/100 is the Mantra of Effective Velocity Hitting

That means being 100% on time with 100% of your swing efficiency.  In other words, being on time with your 'A' swing.  Most swing designs are focused on 'Reacting' and your best hope is to be at about 90/90 and occasionally luck into 100//100 contact when the stars align.  Real science is not havin' that.  100/100 is a process that is extremely scientific and therefore, repeatable.

This membership walks you through the process of swing design at the highest level.  Technology is fantastic and collecting swing data is an important part of the process, but it is very expensive and most players and coaches simply can't afford it.  Key data is crucial but not all data is crucial and we will show which is which.  If that rings true for you, we have great news, the real science is about collecting the right data and interpreting it correctly. If you have a video camera/phone and a radar device, we will show you how to get the key data you need to design your 'A' swing by cutting through to the important elements and ignoring all the clutter.

Just a few reminders as you take on the challenge of designing your most powerful swing that also maximizes consistent contact.

  • You are your own best 'feel' your swing but can't 'see' it and your instructor 'sees' your swing but can't 'feel' it. By using video with feedback data you can now feel and see your swing.  You'll learn exactly what to look for so you can design your own swing.
  • Instructors/Coaches all have their interpretation of what a good swing is, so it's possible to master a swing design and still have poor performance.  Many hitters take the ladder and efficiently climb to the top of the building, only to realize it is the wrong building.  Don't be afraid to test your swing design theory.  If it's sound, then there is nothing to worry about.  I insist you test the 100/100 swing design concepts, because they are bullet proof.
  • Be an honest self evaluator.  Use the swing movements on video and the right data to decide any changes in your swing.  The movements you make are creating the results you're getting.
  • Get an Ev Lab Pro to look at your video profile to make sure you're on the right track.


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