Downright Filthy Pitching Book 2 – Hitter’s Attention

This book covers the single most important element in Pitch Sequencing, Hitter’s Attention or what speed and area the hitter is geared to.  We tested hitters’ visual skills, reactionary skills and then conducted a 14,000 at bat experiment re-testing all the test results.  Only after all that Ev Lab testing,  we went to the MLB database of Inside Edge to find out if the same things were happening at the highest level that were happening in our lab.  Looking at 330,000 pitches in the only MLB pitch database of 2004, we made some astounding discoveries.  There has been much controversy surrounding these early studies but a recent 3rd party independent study by Biola University mathematics and science department, just confirmed the same findings as that 2004 study using the same MLB data used by Statcast and MLB Network.  Dive in and find out what makes hitters tick.  This book dives into the facts about what hitters are geared to, which leads to the obvious conclusion that if we know what they are prepared to hit, we can avoid it.


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