Downright Filthy Pitching Book 3 – The Science of Pitch Sequencing

Downright Filthy Pitching Book 3 gives a great backstory of the previous books in the series if you want to dive into the science of Effective Velocity Pitch Sequencing Science.  And yes, pitch sequencing is  ‘Science’.  A recent 3rd party independent University study of Effective Velocity has backed up 100% the initial 2004 Ev Study of the Inside Edge database proving Hitter’s Attention.  This is the foundation behind what makes pitch sequencing a science rather than an ‘art form’, as analytics experts refer to it as.  When we know what speed and basic area that hitters are geared to, plus we know how hitters react to the pitches they see, then how hard is it to pitch around their ability to make hard contact?  When pitchers make this next chess move, implementing Ev Pitch Sequencing Rules, hitting is big trouble.

Book 3 introduced the game to ‘Pitch Movement Mechanics’.  This is the first book to explain how tilt axis, spin, arm angles and grips alter the flight of the ball.  The reason for introducing this science was to enhance pitch sequencing.  We discovered that pitchers needed pitches to show up in certain areas of the zone at a speed that was above or below the speed range hitters crush.

Book 1 of the Filthy Pitching books predicted last year’s batting average woes, in 2004.  Now hitters are in for an even bigger drop in production this year.  When all pitchers are trying to become Ev Efficient through the concepts in this book, pitchers will dominate hitters like never before.


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