Timing is the most important element in hitting, period.  This package includes Timing Stix, an underload/overload set of 1″ inch diameter bats and Foam Timing Small Balls, as described in the Time Training Hitting Program.  This package helps hitters with hand eye coordination, timing of pitches, pitch recognition at a very high level and pitch plane awareness.  In my decades of training timing, there is simply no better tool to help hitters learn timing, pitch recognition, sweet spot awareness and swing plane training.  Movement of various pitch types is very difficult to recreate in batting practice with real baseballs.  With the small golf ball sized foam balls, you can learn to throw sliders, curveballs and virtually any movement that a baseball at game speeds can perform.  The only difference, anyone with basic pitching understanding can learn to throw multiple speed pitches with the various movements that mimic game pitch flights.

While computer pitch recognition is valuable, which is why I included that science into my US Patent, being able to swing the bat at an object in flight is much better.  As the originator of Pitch Recognition Training protocols, I can assure you that video use is only a small portion of the overall training experience needed to master timing and pitch recognition.  This package also comes with downloadable video drills to help you learn to use the Timing Stix and Small Timing Balls for maximum benefit.


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