Hitting Is A Guess Course – With Jay Bell




Hitting Is A Guess with Jay Bell

The Hitting Is A Guess video was done in 2001. This is a before and after swing makeover of an MLB All Star shortstop, Jay Bell. In one day, we tested Jay’s swing off the tee and with live BP pitching, analyzed his swing and asked him to do some drills to help him feel some changes in movement patterns that would increase his power and improve his Launch Angle. This was the first public introduction of Exit Velocity and Launch Angle used as a swing diagnostic tool. We reverse engineered Jay’s swing and added 10 MPH of eV and improved his Launch Angle to that of a high line drive or what is called a ‘barrel’ in the Statcast database.

The Hitting Is A Guess video was the first to introduce:

  • Using Swing Data to Diagnose Swing Issues
  • Exit Velocity – the number 1 number in hitting is Exit Velocity.  eV is the sum of swing efficiency + timing + contact ability or 100/100/100 the mantra of Effective Velocity hitting.  100% on time – 100% swing efficiency or max power with max consistency – 100% perfect contact – this mantra allows us to start testing/training perfect contact.  Of course it is impossible to always have perfect contact but you must measure from a perfect point to know how close you can get.  Water can only freeze to ice at a certain temperature and contact is only perfect when those 3 elements are combined and……… only get to your very best when your goal is 100/100/100.
  • Launch Angle – the Trajectangle from the video is a combination of Exit Velocity and Launch Angle or today’s barrel metric.  We used LA to reverse engineer Jay’s ball flight to help him with his swing.
  • Plyometric Hitting Drills
  • Overload/Underload Concept of 3 Bat Weights
  • Small Diameter Timing Balls with Small Diameter Timing Stix
  • Over Length Bats for Barrel Control
  • Tubing Resistance Belt for Hitters – The Resistance Belt was introduced in the mid 90’s but publicly used in this video in 2001
  • Self Leveling Drills – creating an atmosphere where the drill teaches the hitter without the help of an instructor.  This is a powerful tool in your arsenal but was originated with this video.


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