Time Training Level 1




Time Training Level 1 – 100/100/100 Swing Design

Time Training is about the Effective Velocity mantra of 100/100, which is being 100% on time with 100% swing efficiency. The mantra is actually 100/100/100, the last 100 represents the exact center of the ball being hit by the exact center and sweet spot of the bat, completing the trifecta that makes up perfect contact. That is extremely difficult to do and most MLB hitters can count on one hand how often that happens in an entire year.

This program will start you down the path of the first 100, maximum power and contact consistency. It is a myth that you have to lose power to hit for average and that you must strikeout more to hit homeruns. Most homerun hitters average 5 or more strikeouts for every HR. This ratio should be closer to 1 to 1. When you learn the secrets of maximum swing efficiency, you will increase power, increase contact consistency, create a launch angle that maximizes all contact, not just the balls hit perfectly. Hitting is all about how good your miss hits are, not your best bolts.


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