Time Training Level 2



Time Training Level 2 – Pitch Recognition & Timing

Now that you have graduated ‘Swing School’, it’s time to really learn to hit.

Baseball and softball hitting is all about timing and this course shows you how to measure and train it and begin to think the right way in the box. Every pitcher has a different arsenal they use to attack hitters, meaning there is no single mindset or approach that allows you to do damage against all pitchers. There is no ‘one size fits all’ game plan that will let you dominate every pitcher. This program will teach you the skills of pitch recognition and timing that will set up the foundation to learn the mindsets that are geared to different types of pitchers. You will learn to hit the very best pitches of the very best pitchers.

Time Training Level 2 walks you through the process of defining both types of timing involved with hitting a baseball; the timing of synching the body movements and the reactionary timing of the pitch. To be at 100/100, both the body timing and the pitch timing have to match up. The first step is to do a reactionary test to show you how difficult it is to react to pitches AND be 100/100. It isn’t difficult for hitters to put balls in play at 70% of their max but that is not the goal of Time Training.

This program introduced baseball to Pitch Recognition through a series of drills that teach hitters how to read the traits of the pitch. We tested hitters to find out ‘what’ they could see and ‘when’ they saw each element. In the first third of pitch flight, hitters recognize direction, even 10 year old hitters can identify where the pitch is headed, up/down/in/out. In the second third of pitch flight the ball begins to take it’s ‘shape’ or the movement gives a shape to the pitch and they begin identifying spin and the tilt axis. When they see the shape, they know the pitch type and therefore they know the approximate speed and basically where the ball end up in the zone. The last third of the flight is taken up with the swing, with most hitters taking around .13 to .14 seconds to complete the swing.

At the higher levels, a 95 MPH fastball reaches home plate in about .400 seconds, well under half a second. That means each third of the flight is about .133 seconds. The hitter has .133 to see direction, .133 seconds to see and identify shape, which is made up of spin and tilt axis to determine where the ball will travel to. The drills and techniques in Time Training Level 2 are designed to make hitters get better at seeing and identifying the pitch traits to create better timing and get closer and closer to 100/100.

Time Training is a brand new paradigm in training hitters, introducing a whole new set of training tools to help you master the most important element in hitting, timing. You’ll learn to create better hand eye coordination or barrel awareness through drills with various bat weights and lengths, as well as bat and ball diameters to enhance sweet spot awareness. You’ll learn how to control what pitch data you take in and which data is used to fool you with timing. This level also begins the process of teaching you the mindsets that will help you become a Black Belt at game planning. The old idea of ‘see it and hit it’ is not enough to be at 100/100. You can see it and put it in play from that reactionary mindset but to do damage, you have to be on time with your ‘A’ swing to do damage.


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