Exit Velocity Mini-Course

Exit Velocity Mini-Course

The number one number in baseball and softball hitting is Exit Velocity (eV). Exit Velocity is the sum of pitch timing, squaring the ball up and mechanical movement efficiency or body timing. Bat speed is the amount of energy the hitter produces but eV is the final product. To increase eV, the hitter can either increase one of the speeds involved (bat speed – rotational speed – momentum or body speed) ………….or………..they can ‘decrease’ the amount of energy lost at impact, the single most overlooked and misunderstood element of eV. We will explore both factors in the quickest possible route to increasing how hard the ball comes off the bat.

Over the years of working with youth hitters, international softball and baseball players, MLB hitters, NCAA baseball and softball teams and every type of hitter in between, the principles of what creates the greatest eV off the bat is the same.  Hitters typically average about 5-11 MPH of increased Exit Velocity the first day of instruction.  The increase happens the moment the movements are improved not over months of training.  Training will continue to increase eV but the initial jump happens when you turn the corner in improving the swing movements.

Creating energy is only part of the equation, you need to make sure you use it at the right time during the swing.  This is a crash course in the process of improving your Exit Velocity immediately.

“Coach, I just wanted to reach out to say thank you.  Before the season, I took your Advanced Ev Course.  I had read all the books but the course really helped me to fully understand the layers of Effective Velocity as well as help get my guys to fully buy in.


Drew Thomas

Pitching Coach , 2016 NCAA Champions Coastal Carolina