Launch Angle Mini-Course

Launch Angle Mini-Course – Maximizing Ball Flight

Launch Angle is a simple metric that has been used to increase hitters’ production, but there’s a problem, the initial understanding of how to produce optimal Launch Angle is not accurate. The Hitting Is A Guess video was the first to use Launch Angle to diagnose swing issues, meaning, we introduced this metric to baseball. The analytics world jumped to some conclusions without testing the theory and decided that 25 to 30 degrees was the ideal Launch Angle goal. The problem is that they had no idea how to produce that range of ball flight.

By ‘aiming’ your ball flight at 25 to 35 degrees upward, this creates a new range of miss hits.  Virtually all balls in play are miss hits………….yes, as crazy as that sounds, it is virtually impossible to hit a round ball with a round bat perfectly on time, perfectly in the center of the bat and ball and with all the body parts swinging with perfect efficiency.  Most MLB hitters only make perfect contact a few times a season, 500-600 at bats but only producing a few balls in play close to perfectly hit.  What this means is that hitting is about your miss hits far more than the balls hit perfect.  When analytics experts told the baseball world to stop hitting groundballs, they had not tested this theory in the lab.

Batting Average in MLB is the lowest it has been in 50 years, half a century.  Why?  Miss hits have gotten much worse, swings and misses are skyrocketing and it isn’t going to get better without addressing the real issue.  You have to learn the truth about Launch Angle and find your maximum trajectory for ball flight.

“Coach, I just wanted to reach out to say thank you.  Before the season, I took your Advanced Ev Course.  I had read all the books but the course really helped me to fully understand the layers of Effective Velocity as well as help get my guys to fully buy in.


Drew Thomas

Pitching Coach , 2016 NCAA Champions Coastal Carolina