Softball Hitting 100/100 Club

The Most Elite Levels of Softball Follow Ev Hitting Concepts

4 of the last 6 NCAA Champions in softball worked directly with Perry to help them re-design their hitting and/or pitching program.  Rachel Garcia, Freshman of the Year, back to back Player of the Year for UCLA and a member of the US Olympic Team, had her swing design done with Todd Budke, men’s fastpitch Hall of Famer and a former member of the Men’s US National Team.  Todd is also an instructor who teaches Ev Hitting concepts.  Rachel added 11 MPH (14% increase) of Exit Velocity the first day she was introduced to the 100/100 swing design philosophy.

100/100 is about being 100% on time and applying your 100% most efficient and powerful swing.  To get the swing to 100% efficiency, there is a simple process of Testing – Video Analysis – Data Analysis – Customize Workouts – Train then re-test to see what the improvements are.  We will walk you through the process of becoming your own best instructor.  Hitters can ‘feel’ but not ‘see’ their swing and coaches or instructors can ‘see’ but not ‘feel’ the swing.  A great coach helps hitters put those things together.  With a simple video camera/phone and a radar device, you can be your own best instructor.  It’s your swing, you should be in charge of designing it because you’re the one that has to live with the results of it.

You will have access to the baseball swing design drill library as well as the softball drills and the softball online course that countless major college teams throughout the country have used to redesign their offensive approach.  You will also get access to weekly videos on notes, drills and thoughts that will help you design the most powerful and consistent swing possible.

Technology is fantastic and collecting swing data is an important part of the process, but it is very expensive and most players and coaches simply can’t afford it.  Key data is crucial but not all data is crucial and we will show which is which.

“Coach, I just wanted to reach out to say thank you.  Before the season, I took your Advanced Ev Course.  I had read all the books but the course really helped me to fully understand the layers of Effective Velocity as well as help get my guys to fully buy in.


Drew Thomas

Pitching Coach , 2016 NCAA Champions Coastal Carolina