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“I call Perry the ‘Father of Timing’, we use Effective Velocity concepts every day in our game planning.” 

Tim Hyers former Hitting Coach Boston Red Sox – Current Texas Rangers Hitting Coach

Effective Velocity hitting is about learning how to maximize power without losing consistent contact.  100/100 is the mantra of Ev Hitting, meaning 100% on time contact with 100% swing efficiency or being on time with your ‘A’ swing.  This is the evolution of swing design meets advanced timing and game planning strategy.   

This is the same approach that helped Oklahoma Softball shatter every offensive record in the history of the sport.  They lead the nation in HRs and batting average while having fewer strikeouts than homeruns.  At the MLB level the strikeout to HR ratio is almost 6 Ks to every HR or nearly 6 times worse than Oklahoma’s ratio.  This season has changed everything about offensive training.   


Our Courses Teach Using
All Learning Modalities

  • Visual 
  • Auditory
  • Kinesthetic or Feel
  • Text  
  • Test and diagnose your own swing
  • Customize your own workout based on proven methods and drills
  • Build your own home lab with simple low tech tools
  • All you need is a radar device to measure growth in Exit Velocity

Hitting Is A Guess Video Course

The video series that ‘Launched’ baseball into the science realm.  This video introduced Exit Velocity and Launch Angle, as well as overload underload training, heavy ball training, barrel control and hand eye coordination small ball training to the world of swing design.  This course breaks down the process of testing, analyzing and creating a workout for your specific areas that may need work.

  • Exit Velocity
  • Launch Angle
  • Overload/Underload Bats
  • Plyometric Hitting Techniques for Explosive Movements
  • Contact Consistency Principles

These are just a few of the many innovative tools and techiques introduced to baseball and softball through this training program.

Exit Velocity + Launch Angle = Batting Average & Power – When you add 5 MPH to your Exit Velocity, you increase batting average dramatically.  There is a direct correlation with higher eV and offensive production.  Learn how to optimize them both. 

Energy Lost at impact is one of the most overlooked areas of swing design.  You will learn how to minimize the loss on contact and create ‘jump off the bat’.

Time Training Level 1 Swing Efficiency

The Time Training Level 1 program is designed to teach you to test, analyze and train to get your swing at maximum consistency and power.  This is the first of 3 Levels of Time Training.  To maximize timing, you must maximize your swing design because the best swings have a ‘Timing Margin for Error’ built in.  In other words, the best swings get away with timing mistakes, both early and late, still being able to do close to maximum damage……….100/100.   This is the mantra of Ev Hitting, 100% on time with 100% swing efficiency.  

This course takes you through the process of maximizing power, launch angle, contact consistency for more balls put in play at or near 100% and many other aspects of the swing.  The first 100 is swing efficiency.  

Level 1 Time Training has an extensive drill library, including those that revolutionized the training atmosphere to help the arena train the hitter.  This concept is called ‘Self Leveling Drills’ and they are designed to help the hitter learn to create better movements as a result of the drill teaching him or her directly through feel and feedback.  Great drill design helps hitters feel their way toward a new movement pattern that produces more.  More elastic energy, more momentum, more time in line with the pitch, faster movements at the right time and many more.  Each drill was crafted for a very focused purpose. 

We tested players of all levels and ages and it was very obvious that the same movement patterns that were propelling MLB hitters to create more production, was the same in 7 year old hitters.  This decade of testing revealed the 7 functional skills that elite level hitters perform.  Creating ‘stretch’ or elastic energy produces more bat speed……. Locking out at the right time minimizes energy loss at impact….. More and faster momentum into impact creates less loss at impact but also about 3-11 MPH of Exit Velocity in that one movement.  Learn about all of them and see which ones you are not at 100% with.  Improve a movement pattern and increase the Exit Velocity in every case.  Learn to identify the strongest and weakest links in your swing design and know exactly how to fix them.  

Effective Velocity Pitching Courses COMING SOON

Effective Velocity introduced most of the modern pitching deception metrics.  “Hitting is about timing and pitching is about upsetting timing.”  This is a very famous quote but also 100% true.  Ev courses are designed to walk pitchers through the process of implementing Ev step by step.

  • Getting Filthy – Implementing Effective Velocity
  • Advanced Ev
  • The Science of Sequencing
  • Breakdown of Justin Verlander’s Ev Makeover and Career Comeback

Getting Filthy & Advanced Ev Courses are included with the pitching membership.  You can pay for them individually or have them as part of your membership, along with other additional perks.